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About Quiring Monuments


An industry leader in designing and creating quality custom headstones, memorials, and monuments in North America, Quiring Monuments brings over 100 years of family tradition, experience, and compassion to help you permanently preserve the memory of your loved one.


You deserve nothing less than outstanding customer service, excellent design, and trustworthy manufacturing when exploring the right solution for your family. In moments such as these, you deserve the best.


Customer Service


We specialize in building unique memorials for cemeteries, gardens, or public locations. Each design request is different and we will strive to build your memorial with creativity, sensitivity, and precise attention to detail.


Your experience with Quiring is a seamless one. Our experienced team of monument designers coordinates the design, delivery, and installation of your memorial. Our design consultants will contact the cemetery on your behalf to ensure that your memorial arrives safely and meets all cemetery requirements. This means you get reliable, quality service every time, backed by our certified warranty.




At Quiring Monuments, we design and carve a diverse array of headstones, tombstones, and grave markers.


We accomplish this by using unique granites, shapes, textures, and finishes and then combining them with high-quality graphic art, lettering, portraiture, hand carving, etching, bronze bas-relief attachments, and full round sculptures.


As we integrate new age technologies with traditional monuments, you and your family can connect and share information about your loved one using our personalized Living Headstones® websites.


Holding degrees in graphic art, design, and fine arts, our craftsmen have years of experience with the tools, techniques, and materials of our trade. Artists and designers at Quiring Monuments have won all of the most prestigious international design awards in the North American memorial industry, including:

  • Biondan Trophy (1998, 2000), given by the Monument Builders of North America
  • Eugene H. Faehnle, FAICA Trophy (1997), given by the American Institute of Commemorative Art
  • Seattle Mayor’s Small Business Award (1999)
  • Selected for The History Channel documentary, Modern Marvels: Cemeteries



We are one of a small number of retail companies with its own nationally recognized designers on staff. In addition, unlike most retail companies, we also have our own manufacturing capabilities.


Quiring Monuments is the only Northwest member of the American Institute of Commemorative Art. We are also active members of:

  • Monument Builders of North America
  • International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
  • Pacific Northwest Monument Builders Association
  • Washington Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
  • Cremation Association of North America
  • Washington State Funeral Directors Association
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Client Testimonials
See what our customers have to say about us.

From David & Lynn B.

It was a pleasure working with you.

From Barbara A.

It looks so nice - thank you!

From Pam W.

It really did turn out beautiful...

From Susan R.

....beautiful, just like I had hoped.

From Duncan B.

Heaven sent, thanks....

From Chuck S.

Thanks again for your professional service....

From Judy H.

Every one of our friends and family love the monument...

From Wendy L.

Thank you for your patience in this process.

From Alan

The headstone looks perfect.

From Peg E.

The bench and timing of it all couldn't have been more perfect!

From Nancy

It is just what everyone wanted.

From Diane

It looks great, thank you so much for helping our family during a difficult time.

From Matthew

The final monument came out beautifully, surpassing all expectations.

From Cyndi

It feels good to finally have a tribute in place.

From Hashir

I'd recommend this company to anyone looking for affordable options with great customer service.

From Donna G.

We made a memory garden for her & the stone blends so nicely with the natural setting.

From a Jessica

Your Craftsmen captured not only the likeness of my beautiful son but also his presence.

From Dennis

We appreciate the super support we get from all your folks throughout the year.


From Rhonda

I really wanted to convey our thanks to Quiring Monuments for the discount on Jason's monument. We were deeply touched by your generosity.

From Brice

It looks great...


From Steven

I think it looks impressive!


From Kip

It does look Fantastic! I'm quite sure everyone will love it.

From Amy M.

It is beautiful and thank you for all you've done.

From Lenchanta

I went to put a palm cross on Grannie's grave yesterday and I was so shocked to see her headstone was down!

From Susan K.

I know my parents would be smiling if they could see the finished design.

From Simon

Thank you for all your help and sensitivity in getting this monument designed, crafted and delivered.

From Kristen

People are quite impressed!

From Jeanette

Every detail is amazing. It does not show an end of life but a lifetime of love and joy.
Thank you and your staff so much.


From Bea

I would like to thank you.... You did an excellent job.

From Debra
I went to see Arne's monument and was stunned. His mother was amazed how good
of a job was done with his portrait. She could see him in this portrait. She couldn't take
her eyes off it. Every detail spoke to all of us, and we knew he was well memorialized.

From Armando
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful work you all did
on my daughter's headstone piece....You all took special care of us in our time
of need and my family thanks you very much for what you provided us.

From Monica

Not only does Quiring Monuments make the best looking monuments,
but the people they employ become your lifelong friends.

From Maria

WOW! You are right, it is beautiful. Thank you for completing the memorial before
Quiring closed for vacation and for your unbelievable patience and customer care.

From Michelle

The amazing details featured in the very first drawing only confirmed
(for me that I) made the right choice in a monument company.

From Chriss

Thank you so much for your kind attention and help.
My brother and sisters are all pleased and I am relieved and very excited.

From Hannah R.
"Thank you so much for everything...
I absolutely love it!! It is all so perfect! :)
Don't the flowers look so lovely?"

From Danielle A.
"The monument is absolutely exceptional, perfectly
done in all respects - workmanship, stone selection
and quality, the text, design..."

From Stacy P.
"Our family is so very pleased with the headstone and we
appreciate all you have done for us."

From Gregg N.
"Lisa has provided exemplary service and exacting
information that made a complex long distance
transaction seem much closer and easier."

From Joyce D.
"The stone I chose arrived and is more than I could have
believed. It is a design that was made 'mine' by the artistic
touches that were made."

From Becca H.
"My first experience with Quiring was a 'WOW'...
The product believe you me is a master piece, as it
stands out in the cemetery here in the Bahamas."

From Gwynne I.
"It is even more beautiful than I imagined...
Thank you for giving me a beautiful way to
remember my beloved husband...."

From Carolyn H.
"On behalf of everyone in our family, I want to
thank you so very much for helping us "complete"
this part of our memorial weekend in this way."

From Jenny B.
"Quiring has one BEYOND SATISFIED
customer and I cannot wait to refer you guys.

From Sabrina R.
"I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate
all that your staff at Quiring Monuments has
done to create such a beautiful memorial... "

From Charles G.
"Your company recently engraved my Mother’s
name and dates... It looks very good and is
much appreciated."

From Dave N.
"Thank you so much to all of you for your
outstanding service... it has been a pleasure
working with all of you and your company."

From Brian K.
"We realize you must have countless monuments
you work with, but somehow you're able to a apply a
personal touch to each one...."

From Gina M.
"Tony was so proud to be an American...
Thank you very much and may God bless you
and your family and keep you safe.

From The K. Family
"A huge thank you for all you’ve done. It’s
amazing and looks so beautiful up at the cemetery.
We appreciate you and thank you again."

From Lorna
"It has truly been a privilege to have you, along with
the other staff and craftsmen at Quiring, work with
our family in creating such a beautiful marker for Josh."

From Kimberly G.
"I just wanted to say thank you again. I do not know
how to express how pleased I am with Jay's marker,
well the entire family is."

From Relene J.
"There are really no words to express my appreciation
and admiration for what you and your company created
for our family."

From Jo Anne K.
"This project was huge for me, but you made it "easy and
stress free"! I can't thank you enough for your patience
and help in the planning, it made all the difference."

From David S.
"Thank you again for the quality product and the excellent
service. All on my email list will soon know of our favorable
experience with Quiring..."

From Ashley B.
"Thank you Quiring monuments! I just received this
today! Such a special momento! Quiring monuments team
really goes further than above and beyond."

From Jack R.
"It's been a delight dealing with you Lisa. Nothing like a
family business to get the best treatment.
Thank you."